I’m Kerry, I was born 30 years ago but feel like I have only been living for 2 because I spent so much of my life hiding or trying to change myself. When I realised I couldn’t keep up anymore I decided to make one final change – my mindset. I now run this blog and Instagram account under the same name where I get real about my journey with embracing my body and share my experiments with plus size fashion and learning to embrace every curve. Since starting Kandidly Kerry I have realised the struggle is so much bigger than me and that is what fuels my passion for
body positivity and self-love because I know that everyone deserves to love themselves.

I am a senior fashion merchandiser by day and your local hype girl 24/7. The main focus of my blog is body positivity, mental health, women empowerment and plus size fashion because after years of hiding behind layers of clothes, missing out on life and dieting because of an obsession with my weight I finally stopped chasing numbers and discovered the beauty of my body through the body positivity movement. My life has literally changed for the better and I want to share that and help as many women as possible experience the life-changing beauty of body acceptance.

I am extremely honest (sometimes a little too honest), positive (sometimes annoyingly so) and passionate so I used all of those characteristics to build this space that truly reflects me and is full of life lessons, positivity, fashion and “kandid” thoughts.

This blog is;

For the woman with curves who needs to know they’re already in all the right places.

For the woman trying to find herself in a world that is constantly changing and trying to tell her who to be.

For the woman who doesn’t have the time or energy to scroll through all the perfect pictures on social media to find a feel-good post.

For the woman who wants to learn how to navigate the very rocky road to self-love.

For the woman wanting to empower herself and others

For the woman wanting to stay ahead of the curve in fashion, trends, interesting news and everything else.

All of this in one place, for you, for your mom, for your daughter. This is a community for all of us.



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