I considered paying someone to write this bio for me because they really aren’t my favourite thing to do but… budget, so you’re stuck with my very bad attempt at an “About me” page.

I am a Junior Fashion Merchandiser by day and a reader, wannabe outfit of the day Instagrammer, obsessor, body positivity warrior and pet parent in between.

The reason for this blog is because I really enjoy writing word vomiting and I need an outlet. You know how some people eat their feelings, well I do that, but I write them too.

My main goal is to be relatable and honest, always. So if you read a post and nod your head in agreement or perhaps lift your hands up in praise then I am winning at life (it would be really great if you would comment and let me know that you did either of these, or both, so that I know I am winning).


I will be sharing with you my passion for body positivity and plus size fashion, my current obsessions, rants, personal thoughts and life lessons and anything that I want to because it’s my blog and I will blog what I want to (lame, I know, but I warned you).