A Women’s Day Wishlist

There’s no denying that us women are incredible beings and I truly believe that we deserve more out of this life than what we are getting so I made a wishlist.

This is what I wish for all of us, and so much more.


Do you even know how powerful we could be if we stuck together? I don’t quite understand why supporting one another is such a foreign concept. The possibilities could be endless if we joined forces.


The same pay cheque, the same opportunities, the same treatment in the workplace and everywhere else.


We deserve more than to be shamed and we should know better than to shame each other. We have a lot more in common than you think, we all have body struggles! Yes, even that woman who you admire and think has the perfect body – she sees her imperfections and she hates them just as much as you hate yours.


Genuine friendship. The kind of friendship where you laugh together and cry together. Where you go into each other’s fridges without asking, the friendship that is based on unconditional love and complete acceptance.


Rules for dressing, social rules, body rules. Rules make us feel like we can’t be ourselves.


Stop chasing what society has shoved down your throat! You don’t need to be #bodygoals. You don’t have to dread wrinkles. You don’t have to look or dress or wear your hair a certain way.

Happy Women’s Day to all of you beautiful souls!

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