5 Habits to form on your body positivity journey

Just like with anything else in life, body positivity is a process and it’s not always a clear cut process but it is definitely one that will be worth it.

I have put this list together from my own experience and it’s not actually revolutionary stuff but it is these little things that will help you in a big way. And you deserve those big changes, not the physical ones! The mental ones.

Change your default

Our default setting is to look at our body through a negative lens. It’s time to change that. Make a concerted effort to look at your body often and to look for something you love, or at least, like for now. And when the negative thoughts creep in, replace them with something positive.

Something like this – look at your bum, you will probably see cellulite and your first thought is that you hate your bum but you don’t, you hate the cellulite on your bum so try again but this time look past the cellulite and recognise the shape of your bum and everything else that is your bum. Why do you not like it? Because it doesn’t look like one you’ve seen in a movie? Because it isn’t the shape that you think a bum should be? News flash, there is no such thing as a bum template. Just like everything else about us, our ass is unique!

Tolerate, tolerate, tolerate

Your body positivity journey is yours, it’s all about you but along that ride you will have to learn tolerance, for others bodies and your own body. If somewhere along the way you decide to alter your body here and there then that is your prerogative but that doesn’t mean that you must shame or judge other bodies. I have personally found that by appreciating other bodies I have learnt to appreciate my own more. This tolerance thing can be a circle – the more you learn to tolerate others you learn to tolerate yourself and vice versa. Eventually tolerance will become acceptance and then you’ll hit the jackpot because acceptance becomes appreciation and LOVE!

Unsubscribe from bull*$&

Yes, you’ve heard it before, unfollow every account that makes you feel bad and this is great advice. But don’t stop there. Keep editing your social media feeds because we all evolve on social media so someone who inspired you 5 months ago might actually be bringing you down today. Check in on your feelings often, make the necessary changes whether that means a simple unfollow or unfriend or a total detox, just stay on top of what makes you happy and inspires you and keep it going. But, don’t stop there either, make changes in real life (would it have been cooler if I had said IRL?).

Cut comparison

You knew this was coming right? But it is such an important step! One of my favourite quotes about comparison is;

“Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the moon and the sun, they shine when it’s their time”.

How will you ever shine if you are too busy focusing on someone else’s shine? Will you even know how to shine if you don’t know who you are and you have spent so long trying to be or look like someone else? No one can shine like you and you are being selfish keeping all that to yourself! Comparison is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. An authentic life begins where comparison ends.


There is power in affirmations but you don’t have to go and say something to yourself in the mirror ten times (but it is a great way to give yourself a boost). You can just search quotes, you can read a blog that inspires you. Just keep yourself motivated and inspired.

The only thing that these habits will cost you is time but it will be time well spent. The reason that I swear by body positivity is because I have firsthand experience in how it can change everything.

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