29 Things I’ve learnt in 29 Years

So the big three oh is approaching and I’m not even mad. I find myself coming towards myself with age so it can only get better as the number gets bigger right?

My twenties were a time of self-doubt, confusion, low self-esteem, experimentation, healing, growth and so much more. And if I could go back the only thing I would change is the time I wasted trying to be someone who I was never meant to be. Fortunately I now know who I am and I had to go through those years to get to where I am now.

So here are the lessons that I feel are worth mentioning

  • It’s cool to be kind
  • At every stage of your life, no matter how hard and testing or how exciting and fabulous, you are where you are meant to be in that moment.
  • Your life doesn’t have to and shouldn’t revolve around work. It should be fulfilling (if you’re fortunate)
  • Everything takes time and when patient it will pay off
  • Practicing positivity daily allows you to deal with the hard times a little bit better and allows you to find the silver lining in any situation
  • Learn from everything, your circumstances, the books you read, the mistakes you make. It makes everything you go through a bit more worth it if you can learn from it.
  • All we can do is our best, nobody has it figured out, we’re all just trying our damn best.
  • Comparison is literally the biggest thief of joy, of self-worth, of growth. You cannot compare apples and bananas but they both taste good, some people like them, some people don’t, and it is always going to be that way. You can’t convince them to like them. You don’t have the power to change people’s minds but you can change yours.
  • Say NO when you want to. NO negotiations.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Don’t suffer alone, don’t struggle alone and don’t try and take on everything alone.
  • Boundaries are important, set them and stick to them
  • Nobody can do YOU like YOU can so use that to your advantage.
  • Debt is the devil, avoid if you can. Only use it for the adult things such as cars, houses.
  • My body works for me so I need to return the favour but not in a way that punishes or deprives it.
  • Self-love is a journey and it is the most important and valuable journey to take on.
  • Mindfulness is the best tool you can have to navigate through life. Pay attention to your feelings, your body, your mental state and never stop working to get to a good place.
  • When things are really good, accept it, enjoy it, don’t go looking for the bad. It will come, no doubt, but you don’t have to search for it.
  • There is no timeline on life. You are not ahead, you are not behind, you are where you need to be. Don’t rush things.
  • Value your time and the time you have with your loved ones.
  • Being afraid to fuck up holds you back from so much.
  • Gratitude is so important.
  • Good underwear is an investment
  • Being a woman is hard AF so be supportive wherever you can and build women up at every chance you get.
  • Being so busy that you can’t even think straight is not a sign of success or importance. Thrive on the busy-ness but then also take time off.
  • Some people are meant to be in your life and some just aren’t.
  • Negative energy will drag you down, whether it is an environment or people or a situation. Get rid of that ASAP!
  • Knowledge is power so keep on learning.
  • Life is too short to not wear what you want to wear. Fashion is such a form of self-expression so have fun with it.
  • Comfort is key in any situation.
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  • Simone Cameron

    Love this list my friend!! The 30’s are the BEST years for really getting to know yourself….you’re halfway there already, so I know you’re going to thrive in your 30’s!!

    • Kerry Heathfield-Sharper

      So many people have told me about the 30s and I think that’s why I am more excited.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. Let’s do this!

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